Dr. HermanSJr.


Doctor of Metaphysical Psychology; internationally-sought-after Global Change Agent who has consulted/trained thousands across countries, industries, and languages; Harvard University-published writer; ten-time author (eight solo, two contributor) whose work is accepted into the collection of the US Library of Congress and used in educational entities worldwide; writer of +50 academic, business, and research papers; interviewed as an expert ~40 times on media worldwide in various languages; awardee of six university degrees; instructor/judge at multiple universities/academies worldwide; business advisor/mentor/judge at entrepreneurship incubators/accelerators worldwide; Psychological/Systems Consultant for an international cyber investigation company to Fortune 100 and federal law enforcement; Distinguished Special Advisor to an international university-level academy; trainer/consultant/researcher on the ability behind history's greatest thinkers which he consults/trains on across countries, industries, and languages using highly-engaging workshops of intense and deceptively-simple drills (composed of The System of Interconnectivity and Psychological Strategy) to cultivate Agents-of-Change who can then force step-change across all landscapes, regardless of their backgrounds or goals.


● Doctorate of Metaphysical Psychology
● Master of Arts in Linguistics
● Master of Metaphysical Science
● Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies
● Bachelor of Metaphysical Science
● Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

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